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Want to find your dream asian lady? Register on RomanceTale and your dream from one of the thousands asian singles! 12 Pandemic Dating Tips, How To Do Romance With The Covid-19 Coronavirus. ... Remember dating is a process, a marathon not a sprint, unless the other person wants to race you. The purpose of the ... One romance scam victim described the feeling as similar to being brainwashed. If they’re using a dating site to find victims, perpetrators will usually ask to move to a more private chat forum. Dating sites often monitor for suspect activity, so if you meet someone on such a site, it’s better to keep the conversation there. Asking for money Dating and romance scammers will express romantic emotions for you in a relatively short period of time, and will suggest you zoosk the relationship away from the profile to a more private dating, such as phone, email or instant messaging. They often zoosk to be from Australia or another western country, but travelling or working overseas. The Date: An Online Dating Romance (Paperback or Softback) Sign in to check out Check out as guest . Adding to your cart. The item you've selected was not added to your cart. Add to cart . Add to Watchlist Unwatch. Free shipping and returns. Ships from United States. Dating & romance. The more information the police have, the better equipped they are to catch the scammer. After contacting you, the police will attempt to what still more information and this could also involve getting dating romance you, to ensure you were not involved know the scam in any way but as a victim. Yet, romance scams are integral to find your perfect partner. Recommendations for individuals who is different. Modern editions, customer reviews and online dating series: note: online dating and online dating in 2011. Discover the millionaire by meeting on wattpad. For romance scams and celebrating the internet fraud. Like and more. En español More and more Americans are turning to dating websites and mobile apps in hopes of finding love and companionship. A Pew Research Center study revealed that nearly 60 percent of U.S. adults consider online dating a good way to meet people, and, one of the most popular dating sites, says people 50 and older represent its fastest-growing share of users. According to the FBI, romance-related scams are on the rise — and many of the victims involved are suffering serious losses in terms of both money and heartbreak. Interracial Dating Online - Find true love! This is an interracial dating services and personals site dedicated to those seeking real love. Thousands of white women and black men have been meeting on this site and created success stories of their own, not to mention the thousands of black women and white men dating and finding love on this website too.

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2018.03.17 05:05 CloudsBuster Cloud x Aerith Clerith

If you're a fan of Cloud and Aerith's beautiful love story from Final Fantasy VII, then you've found the right place.

2020.09.27 07:02 babiedolly [ F4A ] [ DISCORD ] Looking for roleplay partners! Original + Fandom. 18+

I am 20, my roleplay partners MUST be 18+ to roleplay with me!
Hello! I hope you’re having a lovely day / night today and I hope this post finds you well. ♥
I’m in search of a few roleplay partners today for various different ideas, but before we get on to that, I have a few ground rules I’d like to place. Nothing exciting, mainly just the basics, but I’d appreciate it if you read through them before messaging me.
♥ 18+! Please! Regardless of if we write NSFW or not, I don’t feel comfortable roleplaying with minors in the slightest. This is pretty straight-forward.
♥ I try to respond every day, but sometimes I need a break and disappear for a day or two. This does not mean I’m ghosting you. I will be back!
♥ While we’re on the topic of NSFW, I should mention that in most cases I just prefer to skip over it or not include it at all. I’m not fond of having my characters do one night stands nor do I like smut-based roleplays.
♥ In terms of pairings, I do not care what gender you decide to play as. I, personally, prefer to write females or non-binary characters. If you only write MXM, I am not the person for you! Speaking of romance, slow-burn is a must! I don’t like jumping straight into things or starting after the characters have already been dating.
♥ Your grammar doesn’t have to be perfect, mine isn’t! However, I do expect you to put effort into your post to make them easy to read and understand. I won’t call you out for mistakes, just try your best and I’ll be happy.
♥ If you cannot write more than a paragraph, I don’t think I’m the person you’re looking for. One-liners bore me to death and two paragraphs are my minimum. I understand a scene may require you to write less than that which I can understand, but I’d prefer someone who can mirror my length. My average is about 3-5 paragraphs for a response and more for starters.
♥ I roleplay third-person past tense. I won’t roleplay with people who use first-person and address themselves as ‘I’ and address my character as ‘you’. It freaks me out.
♥ I have some premade plots for OCs I already have developed, if you’d like to see the plots, please ask for the document! There’s quite a few. This doc also contains a list of every fandom I’d be willing to roleplay and general pairings! If you’d like to see it, please just ask, I’d be happy to share! The doc isn’t listed here for no other reason than I’m shy lol.
However, if you’d like to discuss a plotline and create something new, here are some genres to help guide that! My favorites have hearts next to them!
- Sci-fi (♥) - Fandom (♥) - Drama / Angst (♥) - Dark / Gritty (♥) - Romance (♥) - Thriller - Horror - Dystopian / Utopian (♥) - Crime - Fantasy (I won’t do epic/medieval fantasy!) - Mystery (♥) - Murder Mystery / Whodunnit (♥) - Lovecraftian (♥) - Historical - Steampunk - Paranormal (♥) - Adventure (♥) - Action - Slice-of-Life (maybe)
In all honesty, I’m open to nearly anything you wish to bring to the table. The only things I extremely dislike are ‘met in a coffee shop, day-to-day’ plots, and anything that has to do with epic fantasy as I mentioned earlier.
If anything on this post sounds appealing to you, please reach out! I’d love to make some new friends and roleplay partners! As stated earlier, if you’d like more in-depth plotlines, just ask to see them! If not, then I hope to plot a brand new idea with you soon. ♥
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2020.09.27 06:32 sorcieresque should i just man up and kiss my best friend or will it ruin everything forever: a classic conundrum

hello lesbians i am also a lesbian and my best friend is bisexual and i really, really, really want to kiss her
i don't want to go on and on about the most cliché of lesbian problems, but we have a really, really romantic friendship. like, we basically do everything people who date do except have sex: we hold hands, tell each other we love each othe compliment each othethink the other is cute/sexy, cuddle in bed, kiss on the cheek/forehead/arms/etc, and we touch all the time. we are actually both writers, so our #1 hobby is writing romantic/erotic stories together (i play the guy haha). typing this i'm like: i know, i know, i know how this sounds, BUT
here are the drawbacks:
1.after 3+ years of friendship, we JUST moved in together as roommates, which makes making a move seem soooooooo much riskier.
  1. she is also my only super close friend, and i have no family (i love being gay but they sure don't lol). i am her only super close friend in the city, but she has a couple of other close friends. when i look at it objectively, i think it's really, really risky for me, emotionally, to compromise my relationship with the only person whom i have a deep and supportive emotional intimacy with. this said, we both encourage each other (before End Times) to go out and make new friends in the city, and i really love this about our relationship -- we are legitimately happy & encourage each other to make connections.
  2. we both have only had one serious relationship. she's hooked up with boys and kissed a girl once, and has had a serious boyfriend, i've only ever had one (toxic) long term relationship whom i almost got married to in my early 20s. (i know, i know). we both broke up w/ our s/o's a year or two after becoming friends, for reasons unrelated to our friendship, and helped each other through the break ups.
  3. in the past i've been able to just. bottle it up when i think about kissing her, but she's thinking about putting herself out there re: dating, and i'm like... oh, it's now or never, is it. now, her thinking about dating doesn't mean she doesn't see me as a viable option: we both hop on and off the apps every now and then because we've been single for a while, and mostly just complain to each other about how most people in the Apps are boring/not datable/etc.
  4. i think i want to make out with her but still encourage each other to... date? go out and meet people? not like FWB, but like a sort of. we are best friends, and we make out, and we're each other's #1, and we can go out and date too. i've only ever kissed/had sex with one partner, she's only ever had sex with one partner and kissed boys. i get jealous when i think of other girls getting to show her what being with a woman is like, which makes me feel like a total douchebag dudebro. we have established that we are each other's #1. i think that if we moved into this romantic, but open space, it would reassure me that even if she meets other people, i'm still the most important to her. 5.1 which by the way: is the long-standing storyline/relationship model of the romance novel we're writing lol. 5.2 [tiny but very loud scream]
  5. when it comes to this, i feel like i just cannot get a read on her. sometimes i feel like she may be into me, and sometimes i think she sees me as a sister. i don't knowwwwwwwwww and i'm legitimately dying. it feels like this can either be the best choice ever OR throw me into depths of despair i am not sure i am prepared to cope with. i can provide more details for context. please reddit lesbians help me make an informed decision you're my only hope
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2020.09.27 06:02 crystaloceans It's times like these where I really wish I could romantically love someone

I'm very happy being aromantic. I'm so proud and I absolutely love it. However, there's sometimes I wish I could just love someone else romantically... I went out with this guy today to a park. He's a close friend of mine and such a great guy. We walked around for a while and talked and then we sat down in a spot that overlooked several cities and watched the sunset. It was so gorgeous... Sometimes, I wish I could go out on dates like that all the time. I wish I could kiss someone too. Honestly, I wish I could just have a pretend boyfriend or girlfriend for a day and get whatever I want done. Go out on some dates, kiss someone, so on... Is that a thing? I really wish it was. It's so frustrating sometimes. Romance disgusts me most of the time but... It's times like these where I'm such a hopeless romantic.
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2020.09.27 03:57 fly_by00 Exactly what are the issues individual characters are facing?

I watch the anime and enjoy it. Romance aside, most of the time I'm lost as to what drives each character. A lot of the talk confuses me.
Hachiman: Loner? cynical? Jerk with a heart of gold? Bisexual? Very good at analyzing people?
Yukino: Ice Queen? Mommy issues? Goes out of her way to help people?
Yui: Sweet. Can't really tell much else about her?
Iroha: Manipulative, but not in a bad way.
Shizuka sensei: Cares about her students. No luck with dating. Smokes and wears a lab coat for some reason.
Plus the whole slew of other characters and their personalities/issues. It's a jumbled misunderstanding for me. How would you summarize these characters?
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2020.09.27 02:50 maybematdamon 33 [M4F] Western NC - Psychologists, psychology students, or psychology fans: let's discuss the psychology of dating, or the evolutionary purposes for mental illness

Hello Reddit ladies! Zack here. I'm a 33 year old art major, in my junior year, attending Western Carolina University. I identify as a hedonist, Humanist, atheist, and artist. Concerning my prompt above, I have a few psychology classes under my belt, but most of my education in the field is from browsing the internet and reading extensively.
I have bipolar disorder and ADHD, so I am curious about the evolutionary purposes of mental illnesses. For example, I think ADD/ADHD was originally a positive trait for primitive humans, as enhanced senses and an inability to block out external stimuli probably caused primitive humans with ADD/ADHD to sense and avoid danger more successfully than humans without ADD/ADHD. Fast forward to today, and ADD/ADHD is seen as a downside, when I believe it's actually an ancient strength from our ancestors. Why else would this mental illness have gone on for thousands of years in our gene pools? I have other hypothesis for other mental illnesses, but that's for us to discuss together, yeah?
I recently gave up trying to find a local woman to spend my time with. Either the conversation dissipates over a short time, or they turn into a ghost and disappear when things seem to be going well. With my bad luck on dating apps (I get few matches, and most matches don't respond) and my experiences on Reddit, I spent a lot of time over the last few weeks contemplating the psychology of modern dating and what the effects of the internet and online dating has had on dating and relationships from a psychological perspective. So here are my thoughts:
TL;DR Online dating and the internet has ruined dating.
I'll elaborate on this statement. Online dating and the internet has caused us to get addicted to the dopamine rush of getting matches or messages. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that gives us the happy feeling, and we've become addicted to it. Why stay around with one person when you can get instant gratification from posting an r4r or opening up our dating app and swiping or reading an incoming message? Our brains haven't evolved to deal with intense and instant communication, and we're suffering the consequences of it.
Now you might be thinking, "Hey Zack, you have a lot of r4r posts, aren't you a hypocrite?" Well my answer to that would be that I HAVE met a few people who have become friends, and we're still talking on a daily or semi-daily basis. But that's not really what I'm looking for in the long term, as I'm looking for romance eventually. It's great to make friends, and I won't say no to a new friendship. I think the best romantic or sexual relationships start with a friendship first anyway.
I admit to being ethically non-monogamous because in today's dating climate, who isn't talking to more than one person at a time? I know women get flooded with messages and matches on dating apps and Reddit (I've had my friends show me their inboxes, don't deny this lol). I'm just honest about how I play the game. I'll commit to one woman if one woman decides she wants me exclusively. Until then, I'm going to casually date and be honest about it.
So what I'm looking for tonight and the rest of the week are women who have an educational background or interest in psychology to further discuss the topics above. I wouldn't mind if eventual conversations get romantic or kinky in nature, but for now, I want stimulating conversation. So if you're reading this and have comments, want to have a casual debate, or just want to get to know me, message me or chat. I promise I'll respond to everyone who messages, and I won't ghost you either. :)
If I don't hear from you, good luck finding what you're looking for! Have a great night.
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2020.09.27 02:06 rustypennyy Requesting Sad Romance Manga that end happily

I just got finished reading Aku no Hana, and I just gotta say that it WRECKED me.
What I’m looking for is a sad romance manga that ends happily. Feel free to request even the most popular, because I haven’t read any romance manga.
While I still want the pain of a sad story, I want to feel the relief of a happy ending.
Kind of like Tokyo Ghoul :re, if I had to give an example.
I know Romance manga is requested a lot on this sub, but I tried searching the sub for the keywords “sad romance with happy ending” and they were all pretty dated.
I appreciate your help!
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2020.09.27 02:04 ShamBawk33 Is there a hierarchy or list of top 5-10 tropes in Romance, SciFi, Action, thriller, murder mysteries?

I suspect there are books that contain tropes that help me love the book, and others that poison a book for me. When I started searching, I found lists of THOUSANDS of tropes, but not grouped into useful formats.
In French cooking - someone came up with 5 "Mother Sauces", then defined sistedaughter sauces. In a strange way this analysis supported cooking as both an art and a science.
I want to know if there is a list of top 5 tropes for Romance and top 5 tropes for SciFi or top 5 tropes for crime novels. Then perhaps we can find second layer tropes that are optional or perhaps some second layer tropes that always occur under a parent.
Example: Romance novels have "enemies to friends", "instant love", "fake dating" as well as the popular "portal" trope where someone un-happy in our time/world mysteriously steps through a portal into the past/somewhere else and finds love.
Is there a list of the top most common tropes in Romance that EVERY romance must have one of? Perhaps an ordered list of the top 50 tropes that might be a start to creating a hierarchy based on real science?
My goal is NOT to take the fun out of reading. I would like to analyze my most favorite books and see if there are common threads/tropes and then use these to guide my future purchases. Or perhaps my favorite books use very over-used tropes, but keep them subtle.
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2020.09.27 00:55 manfc142 Why Do You Like ShuHaru? (5 Reasons)

Just for fun, to everyone on this subreddit, what are some reasons why you like ShuHaru? It doesn't have to be elaborate or anything. I generally don't care about ships/couples at all, but this one is a HUGE exception. It's just too adorable for me to ignore.
Here are mine. Please bare with me.
  1. Genuine Romance: Compared to all of the girls Joker romances in the game, his romance with Haru in my opinion feels the most genuine. I believe Haru's confidant does a great job slowly building up their relationship considering that even though Haru has trust issues, she opens up to Joker the most more than anybody. The two learn more about each other and promise to confide in one another in their hardships. This is also why it's my favorite Confidant in the game (aside from Yusuke) because it feels like Joker is genuinely getting to know Haru through her personality and her earlier years living with her grandfather while truly supporting her in her current life struggles instead of just running errands and feeling obligated to help, which is what a lot of Confidants feel like to me (especially Makoto's Confidant, nothing against her though). Combining every reason mentioned (from Haru's crush, to the similarities, to the cute moments, to the future that lies ahead) plus the resolutions with the company, her late father, Takakura-san, & her former fiancé, it makes romancing Haru feel very rewarding in the end.
  2. Potential Future: Haru dreams of opening a small private café, and it definitely helps that she & Joker share an interest in coffee and that Joker has experience in running a café throughout his time in Tokyo. So, I can easily imagine the two of them running the café together which is already adorable in its own right. Plus, her Rank 10 Romance description explicitly calls Joker her "new fiancé" instead of just a boyfriend like the other romance options, heavily implying that Haru already plans on marrying him in the near future.
  3. Cute Moments: TOO many to count, so highlights (Rank 9 & 10 Romance Scenes/Christmas Eve Date in Royal/Valentine's Day/White Day/Ferris Wheel Date (Haru saying "I love you")/Haru saying "I want to know you better than anybody in the whole world"/School Post-Festival Event/The ending to Rank 5/Haru's reaction to Joker wanting to get married (if he romances her) during exam studying/Kunikazu teasing Haru & Joker in the dream world in Royal/Haru dancing with her "Prince" in Dancing in Starlight/Haru's segment in Persona 5 The Animation: A Magical Valentine's Day/Haru calling Akira "Aki-kun" (Fanfics only) mostly because Aki & Haru mean Autumn & Spring).
  4. Similarities: They both have an interest in coffee and gardening, while understanding the hardships of removing a negative label (Joker's criminal record & Haru's situation with the company's bad reputation).
  5. Haru's Crush on Joker: Heavily implied throughout the entirety of her Confidant (and before it too). From her subtle flirting, to calling Joker "handsome" as a dialogue response in Rank 3, to laughing at his jokes (i.e. Kthx/Cheers in Royal), to her heartbreaking reaction to being rejected in Rank 9. She's the only girl in the game to explicitly show romantic feelings towards Joker (aside from Sumire, Futaba, & maybe Hifumi).
Bonus Reason #1: Something I just noticed when playing Royal. Whenever Joker talks to Chihaya before September, she mentions how the "Empress" card keeps showing up when she does his fortunes while he's gone. She then mentions how she thought Joker was having trouble with women, but notices something drastically different with the "Empress." I kind of thought that was a cute implication for things to come (considering that Haru has a noticeable crush on Joker).
Bonus Reason #2: The fan-art & fanfiction. Enough said. Shoutouts to ScruffyTurtles & Camíla Inoa by the way.

P.S. As you can see, I am WAY TOO invested in this couple. Thanks Persona 5 Royal...
P.P.S. The only other ship I like is Byleth x Marianne from Fire Emblem: Three Houses, so yeah...
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2020.09.26 23:27 gofishus [Review] Aokana: Four Rhythms (Nintendo Switch)

[Review] Aokana: Four Rhythms (Nintendo Switch)
Platform: Nintendo Switch Developer: Sprite Release: Aug 21, 2020 Price: $40 USD
Aokana: Four Rhythms Across the Blue (not sure why they named it that) is a visual novel with a premise that’s a bit different than most visual novels – instead of being a typical dating sim or investigative type visual novel, it focuses on a competitive sport.
Plot: In Aokana’s universe, there’s an invention called Anti-Gravity Shoes which like the name implies, allows its wearers to fly in the sky. There’s a popular sport in the game called Flying Circus which makes use of the shoes. The sport is deceptively simple: it’s a one on one sport where the players have to stay within a square, and a player scores a point either by touching the outer posts of the square consecutively before the other player, or by touching the other player’s back. The player with the most points at the end of regulation wins.

Masaya typically commentates on a match
Of course, there’s more to it than that. There’s different playing styles – Fighter (focuses on touching the opponent’s back), Speeder (focuses on touching the posts before the other player), and All-Rounder (can do either, but does not specialize as much as the other two). There’s lots of basic and advanced moves shown in the game. There’s also different types of Anti-Grav Shoes and different settings for them. Honestly, the sport and the strategies they explain are fairly well detailed for a visual novel like this and sometimes I felt myself getting sucked into this fictional sport and rooting for different teams as if it actually existed.
The protagonist, Masaya Hinata, was a former top FC (Flying Circus) player, who quit the sport due to a traumatic event, and is now tasked with coaching a team of 3 girls and 1 guy to lead their school to the FC championship.

Shindou demolishes Misaki in a dogfight
Gameplay: Ok, it’s not entirely focused on the sport, there are some dating sim and eroge elements in the game – but they happen mostly towards the end of the game and are very light by visual novel standards and nothing too shocking occurs. Hinata can date/focus on one of 4 girls in the game, depending on which options you select in the game, but the options don’t come up very often, so the majority of this game is basically just reading.

Dating sim elements are in the game, but are relatively uncommon
Characters: I love the characters. They’re probably the strong point of this game. Masaya Hinata is not that pervy compared to most visual novel protagonists, and mostly focuses on the tasks at hand. He’s a relatively serious protagonist, despite the harlem of girls around him, and that’s a welcome change of pace from all those perverted protagonists from other visual novels I’ve played.
-Asuka is the main and default girl in the game, she’s a very cheerful type that’s hard to dislike, a bit ditzy sometimes, but also an FC prodigy and the school’s best player. -Misaki is Hinata’s close female friend, an academic genius, has an odd sense of humor and a bit of a tomboy. I have no problems with Misaki, I think she’s pretty cool. -Mashiro. I personally don’t really like this character. She’s a borderline lesbian stalker with her one sided obsession with Misaki, and honestly doesn’t really have many redeeming qualities unlike the other characters. Still, she’s in here as a ‘cute/dorky’ type. -Rika is Hinata’s next door neighbor and unlike the other 3 girls she’s the only dateable option that’s not from the same school. She has a pretty serious personality that makes it hard for me to get into her, but some players may like her. -Madoka is the FC club’s manager and a very silly girl with a lot of funny comments sometimes. Honestly it makes her charming and I wish she was a dateable option, but alas she is not. -Shion is Madoka’s older brother and president of the FC club, the only guy Hinata coaches, and has an obsession with muscles and working out. -Aoi is Hinata’s homeroom teacher, his former mentor, a former FC superstar player and the FC Club advisor. -Shirase is the Grav Shoe’s store owner and drops by sometimes for advice. -Satouin is a typical princessy-type girl who is one of the regular opponents for the FC Club -Shindou is the initial antagonist in the game, a top FC player and a big opponent for the FC club -Saki and Irina are the final antagonists in the game, and behave (and play) in a manner that suits that title
The characters overall are very fleshed out and the humor plays out pretty well sometimes between them, I think the fact that the characters are interesting also makes the FC matches fun to get into as well.

The whole gang
The FC Club
Graphics: I have no complaints about the graphics in this game, they are high quality modern Anime style graphics and I’m not surprised that just like Steins Gate, Yu-No, Muv-Luv and others – that this game has been adapted into an Anime series. There’s sometimes characters moving in the background or animations but those scenes are relatively uncommon. The chapters are even split into ‘episodes’ making it feel more like an Anime.

Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash got nothing on this
Music: The background music is very fitting to the scenes, and sometimes during certain eventful scenes, jpop music will start playing, making this game feel even more like an Anime sometimes. I have no problems with that.
Conclusion: 9/10 from me. I really enjoyed this visual novel more than I expected. I usually play dating sims, sci-fi and investigative type visual novels, so it’s kind of refreshing to play a title that focuses on a competitive sport and coaching these girls instead of just romance. Sure there IS romance, but it’s very sparse and light compared to other visual novels. The characters are very easy to get into and that makes the FC sport and matches themselves very interesting to get into too. Had no complaints about the graphics or music either. The only thing is people who are expecting a visual novel with more gameplay should probably look elsewhere – this visual novel is very heavy on reading with very little gameplay elements. There’s a few choices here and there but that’s about it. Overall I do recommend this title if you are ok with mostly reading instead of clicking options.
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2020.09.26 22:28 GothAnimeBoi Kik RP Partner Search

RP Partner Standards: •Preferably 19 or Younger (I'm younger than 18) •ONLY on Kik •Semi-Literate •OC RPs
Here are some plots I have in mind:
  1. Romance
It's the early 1900s. Two young adults board a ship for a 1-2 month voyage across waters. They both have their own different reasons and intentions for being on the ship. Although two pretty different people, they spend more and more time together while on the ship and become closer and closer. As the ship itches closer to land by the minute, what friendships and romances will ensure between the two?
  1. Slice of Life, Romance
A girl/boy has to cover up her secret relationship from everyone to not get judged/in trouble. As a solution she tries to find someone who will have a fake relationship with her to cover up everything. The only person willing to agree is a complete polar opposite girl/boy. Two people unlikely to ever talk are now in a big fake relationship. But what will happen when feelings may start to become of the two?
  1. Slice of Life and/or Romance
Two polar oppisite strangers meet under unfortunate circumstances. After the rude encounter, they go along their seperate ways that day, soon to find out they're now roomates. What will happen between the two? Will they settle their differences, ignore each other, become friends or maybe even more....only time will tell.
  1. Romance
They hit it off right away. They're very similar and their fast connection is uncanny. It's a match made in heaven. Except they both happen to be dating the others' best friend.
  1. Romance
One drunk one-night-stand so many months ago between these two strangers. After a night of intense fun, they went their seperate ways, never to connect again. But what happens when they end up as co-workers months afterwards?
  1. Romance
A socially challenged boy moves to a new town wear he meets a straight-forward valid dictorian with family issues. The unlikely pair soon become friends through thick and thin, low and high. Though it seems the world is falling apart around them, what will they do to push through and grow they're friendship...maybe into something more too.
  1. Romance and/or Slice Of Life
It's the summer of '85, hot as ever. She's an intelligent girl but boy crazy. He's a comic-book record player boy who's always made it clear that he wants to date her. Both best friends since childhood. When the girls father leaves for a summer road trip, the two are left to run the small town's only motel for the summer. It all seems like a normal 80s summer until a super-hot and outside-of-town guy shows up out of the blue to stay at the hotel for the summer. She's head over heals for him while her best friend isn't too sold. It's a long hot summer to fill...
  1. Romance
It's the 1950s. You're hired to assissinate her. It should be easy like all your other successful kills. But she's different. No matter how hard you try, you just can't kill this beautiful women. Even if she is one of the most wanted women among the criminal world.
  1. Forbidden Romance
A prince/princess has never gotten to make any real friends. All he/she has is the palace and the king who is barely there whom dissaproves of anything the prince/princess does. It isn't until the prince/princess gets a personal servant their age that things change. The servant is there for everything, always by their side so they get closer and closer until they might become something more.
  1. Romance/Slice of Life It's the 20s-60s. She's the biggest hit among the entertainment scene. They're hired to work on her popular show. They start working together more and more but even after the cameras are put away after the day, she's still interested in them.
  2. Romance
They move into their first apartment independently. It seems like the perfect place but soon after moving in strange things start to happen. They try to blow it off at first until they realise that they're not the only thing in this place. The apartment is heavily haunted by a vivid ghost whom was not going to leave. As they grow accustomed to it, it seems like the ghost might want more than they're energy...
  1. Romance
One small overnight train. Two complete strangers. Three days of travelling. They're the only two on the small train, alone. Since they share a compartment they have to get along....will they have their differences? Similarities? Friendships? Romances? Only one train ride can determine that.
  1. Thriller
The new kid runs into the popular kid on their first day at a new school. The popular guy/girl has it all. They're a gold medal athlete, outgoing and friendly, popular and not to mention: super hot. It's crazy when the popular person takes a liking to the new kid. It's too good to be true! It isnt until the first date does the new kid realise the catch. The Popular kid is a Psychopathic serial killer.
I mainly do romance or slice of life but I'm pretty open to any suggestions or plots.
If you're interested or want to rp at all please feel free to PM me :)
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2020.09.26 21:35 SleepyWriter120 Love in Different Shades. (New Chapter!) OUT NOW

Miss Jenna Clarke of the Department of Child Services thinks true love is a Disney-esque fairytale that mothers tell their children to let them believe everything was well and good in the world. Encountering broken homes is something she does daily, and she knows that the real world was much harsher than the movies.

Dr. James Krishnamurthy believes love is a chemical reaction. A relic of the more primitive emotional areas of the brain, one that supresses higher thinking and makes a person indulge in all sorts of stupidity.

After a blind date, everything they've believed in all their life is suddenly put to the test.

Meddling families, secrets and a new addition to their lives will push their budding romance to the limits.

Who ever said love was easy?
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2020.09.26 21:03 QueenofPumpkins96 (F4A) The Demon Prince (SVTFOE Romance)

It had been years since Tom and Star Butterfly broke up. The prince spent a lot of time by his lonesome ever since his two friends became a couple. He was now 22 and still wasn’t interested in dating, dismaying his parents to no end. Sure, people admired him, but he just didn’t feel the spark of his first love.
That all changed when he saw... him? And his entire worldview shifted. The fireworks he once felt for Star emerged in this new face, bringing about new thoughts he didn’t think he had before. What will transpire between the demon prince and this mysterious newcomer?
Hi there everyone! This is an idea I’ve been thinking about for awhile! I am hoping to find someone to play as my favorite demon man, Tom. If you love SVTFOE as much as I do, this is the plot for you! Tom finally finds someone new that makes him feel “butterflies” again... the only thing is, he’s a guy, which also makes him question his orientation. I will be playing an original character (I have a few options for you when you message me). I wanted to keep this idea general for us to expand upon together!
😈🔥💀Rules 🔥💀😈
  1. Please be a literate, 3rd person player. You do not need to write a novel, however sentence/paragraph structure are a huge must for me. No text talk or improper punctuation.
  2. Please be active overall. I understand we have lives, however, if you are the type to disappeaghost, I am not for you. I want us to keep a steady stream going so things do not get stale! If you do need to leave, please just communicate.
  3. This will be romance and plot focused.
  4. Because the characters are all going to be 21+ here, I am asking that you preferably be 21+ as well, but absolutely you must be 18+ minimum, no exceptions.
If interested, feel free to contact me! Thank you so much for reading and have a wonderful day!
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2020.09.26 20:47 riverwitch1919 Old scars

So when my boyfriend and I were in the "grey zone" before I officially said yes, he slept with another girl and was like also dating her. He was also talking to a coworker and was still trying to get her attention even after I said yes.
I had been putting him off because I had just stepped into the local music scene in a new band and was trying to meet people. Not for romance, but I just didn't want to be introduced as his girlfriend and fend off who would otherwise be music allies. I had also previously been in an abusive relationship and didn't like some of the ways he was pressuring me when we first met.
I was totally transparent with him about my wants and needs and by the middle of our time in the grey zone I was only hanging out with him.
I didn't find out about all the other girls (there were other dates etc) until after I moved in with him. I found out he had had sex in his car while we were together and felt sick every time we got in it. I found out about the post-official texts etc. It's taken me two and a half years to try to get over it. I feel berated and cheated on. He looked me in the eyes and told me there was no one else when there had been.
I have stayed because it otherwise feels totally right. We get along in every way. We justify it (or at least I try to) because we weren't officially together and he was "hurt" that I continued to put him off. But for me, he was pressuring me and also sleeping with other women. He had his cake and ate it too. There's no"mistake" in sleeping with someone else. There's no somber note in that moment. You're a guy with a dick in someone, you hit the lottery. I don't believe for a second it was out of hurt. She's way hotter than me and I don't understand how he could choose me over the tramp who he was so hot for. Or relationship was more building. They had immediate chemistry.
So now we're talking about marriage. This is literally the only real problem we had. He really is a stand-up loyal guy who takes care of me and learns and grows with me, he's very affectionate and amazing. But I still have fears.
So my question is, just because I feel cheated on, did he really cheat? Does "once a cheater always a cheater" apply here? Is a man cheating inevitable in a marriage? It seems like it is. I want someone to tell me it's unlikely, but even after having moved past the point where I can't stop thinking about it, I still get triggered and it still pops up occasionally just like any form of grieving.
I want someone to tell me I shouldn't be scared, inconsisencies in my logic, anything. But I also want a slap in the face of it's truly justified. What's your take?
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2020.09.26 20:30 EvilDorito13 Am I just a late bloomer?

So I’m 13 and I’ve never felt romantic or sexual attraction. I don’t know if I’m aroace or just a late bloomer. Everyone my age seems to be thinking about that kind of thing (except for one friend who recently came out as aroace) I’m not really sex repulsed but I just don’t want to do it - the idea seems weird and I don’t understand why people would want that. Romance I used to think I wanted but once I started thinking maybe I’m aroace, I realised that I don’t really want to do the kissing and dating part, I just don’t want to be alone. I’d much rather live with a close friend or a group when I’m older than with a spouse. I can’t think why other people would want that either, kissing makes even less sense that sex. So basically is this normal? Did anyone else feel this way and then start feeling romantic and sexual attraction? Sorry this is long, I’m just really confused.
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2020.09.26 20:17 rose-vine Running out of light novels-... The struggle-...

I have a tendency to consume light novels in a matter of days, even if they're over 1,000 pages.
But I just get so lost in book I can't slow down-... Why I like light novels-... So thicc, so delish.
Anyway, I was wondering is anyone knew any light novels that met these requirements.
-Little to no harem.
-Decent translation.
-Tired of braindead female/male mc slapping people for little to no reason.
-Fantasy elements, no slice of life.
-I like action more than romance.
-Unless it's really amazing 500+ chapters.

Example of novels I have read and enjoyed are.
Tensei Slime Datta Kun (Before it became an anime).
Endless Path: Infinite Cosmos.
The Reincarnated Death Mage Doesn't Want a 4th Time.
NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System.
Everyone Else is a Returnee.
Return That Witch.
The Charm of Soul Pets.
The Second Coming Of Gluttony.
Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? (So I'm a Spider, So What?)
Valhalla Saga.
The Book Eating Magician.

Just a few. I'll tell you if I already read something though.
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2020.09.26 20:14 neverdone6678 A guy I've dated on and off for eight months offered to move with me to a new city before hearing what the city was.

HELP. There's an abdirged version and a tldr version at the end because of how tldr this entire post is.
In January I f(24) started dating my housemate m(31)in a whirlwind love-at-first-sight style romance.
We got along so well living together that I thought he could be the one, but was weary of the fast pace our relationship took, which lead to me doing a lot of backing out. We said 'I love you' after less than three weeks of being official, albeit we spent almost every day together for nearly 2-3 months before that.
I asked for a couple weeks to myself to reevaluate the relationship after some break downs happened and the pandemic loomed ahead. I also moved out. He really didn't like this, but eventually agreed after some arguing and negotiation. However, he broke the 'no contact rule for two weeks' after just one week, saying that it wasn't fair and that he missed me, and it really made me hurt and feel not respected. So as a result of this broken boundary, I broke it off, and asked for three months no contact even though emotionally I still liked him.
Halfway through I reevaluated if this was fair, and reached out to him with an email that I promised I would send regarding some practical information, and he asked for us to hang out and get back in touch. Upon reconnecting he gave me an ultimatum that I had to say I would date him now or he would move on forever, so even though I wanted to go slower, I accepted. I asked him to take a weekend to reevaluate this so that he was sure. He came back telling me that he couldnt date me if I was moving cities soon. Because of this I offered to set him up with a couple of my friends who I thought would be a good match even though that was painful. However, he soon changed his mind and we dated for about a day before he suddenly told me he needed to see other people, and that 'if I needed an answer now, all he'd have to offer me is friendship.'
He ended up hitting on those friends I was going to set him up with anyway. We all hung out in one social circle because it was a pandemic. However, he NEVER told me it was over, still had his stuff at my house (clothes/pillow ect) and still texted me every day and told me he loved me. After five months, right when it seemed like he and I would be over forever after some disputes, he had a threesome with both of my friends the second I left one night we all hung out.
When I found out I was upset that he had hidden it from me when I felt that he and I share a lot. We talked it through and he made it out to be some drunken mistake because he thought he and I had no chance anymore. We got back together for a few weeks. He revealed to me a 45-page letter that he had written to me over the days during our time apart, which he had never shared upon our reconnection because he felt I didn't feel the same way and that he had eventually moved on in the last weeks when I seemed un-eager to reconnect. This made dating him again seem less crazy, especially when I hadn't asked him to be monogamous during the time we were together. (I'm very monogamous myself and wouldn't have hit on anyone infront of him while we were just friends, not to hurt him, which is why his dishonesty about hooking up with them hurt.)
However, he stopped being friends with one of the girls after she told me about the threesom and that reeeaaallllyyyy bothered me.
Present day: we were dating a couple weeks, and I just found out that he had actually slept with one of them earlier in the summer and then tried to hit on me/cuddle me the literal next morning right infront of her when we were all hanging out. I was pissed so I broke it off. He's being wonderful now and telling me he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and he thought he and I were also over on both of those nights.
At the same time, I got a job offer in a new city. I told him this as a means of deciding the break up for us, but instead he immediately said he would do long distance with me for a few months and then move to the new city with me. He's doing online school this year so it wouldn't be that much of a difference for him.
ABRIDGED: I've been going on and off with this guy for 8 months, who I used to live with, and we have a very strong bond although our communication has been shit. I played hard to get with him severely for 5 months, dumping him again and again often just out of my own feelings of being overwhelmed, and then he did the same to me for 5 months after I admitted my feelings to him. Now he's finally right back to where he was. He believes that if we are both actually committed now our relationship can be wonderful and stable. He's not wrong that we never dated more than two weeks. Do I let him potentially follow me to a new city or should I break it off so that this insanity can finally end? The love-at-first-sight feeling was strong with this one and I can't tell if these are red flags or if I should actually just calm down, and give this a chance now that he's there too.
TL;DR - on and off for eight months with this guy and now he's offering to follow me wherever I go, since school is online for him. Do I let him move with me to a new city?
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2020.09.26 19:33 tapricks My life with an abusive father.

First of all I would like to apologise for any English inconsistencies, it's my second language :D Anyways, I'm extremely sad right now and really need to vent. So ill be sharing with you my history with my abusive father. It all started way before I was born, my mother had my brother who is 8 years older than me. They lived in my grandma's house (she has a 2nd house on the back, this was kinda common in that time) and even in the start of their marriage my father was ah alcoholic, constantly coming home drunk and cheating on my mom god knows how many times. At the time my mother already knew, but she was very afraid of him. He would smack her head on the kitchen sink, tell her that she was useless because she didn't work and all that horrible stuff abusive husbands do. And she suffered a long time until when my brother was 6 or 7yo, when she just gave up on my father and decided she would only be a mom. She didn't file for divorce yet because she was afraid of what my father would do to her, considering my brother was still very young. So then she endured all the drinking, the gambling and the cheating, all the times my father would come home smelling like woman's perfume, and all the times he brought woman home and had sex in their bed when mom wasn't around. She always knew but she was patient, because my father was a monster, there was simply no telling what he would do if he heard the phrase "I want a divorce" from my mom.
So then I was born, and I pretty much had a nice childhood, mostly because of my mom. She was there to play with me, I would draw on walls and the floor and she never stopped me, she gave me love, support and all kinds of toys and I have nothing bad to say about her. But my father, on the other hand, never was around. If he wasn't working, he was at the bar drinking a LOT. And don't get me wrong - he would provide for us. But that's it. He just gave us money and nothing else.
Then we arrive at the crucial point. When I was 13yo my mother talked to me and said she was unhappy, she wanted to divorce my father for a very long time but was waiting until I was a little more grown up so that I could understand. I obviously understood and supported her, I didn't realized all the shit my father did at that time, but I knew that their marriage wasn't good considering my mother didn't even sleep in the same bed as him. God, I don't think I ever saw them kiss. Anyways, she talked to him and he obviously didn't accept it. He went berserk, breaking everything around the house so my mother, afraid for her life, left the house and went to my aunt's place, and stayed there for a couple days. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to endure life without my mom around and desperately asked her to come back and she did. But then shit got serious. She went ahead with the divorce and my father threw one of his animalistic rages, saying that she would kill her. I was in my room and my mother came running, locked the door and asked me to call the police, while my dad was trying to break open the door to my room. He almost succeeded. He broke the door in half while my mother screamed she had called the police and they were on their way. I guess my father was scared because he just left. Then I remember jumping my window so that I could open my door from the outside and get my mother out too. Police arrived, mom explained everything and showed the bruises my father had left in her body and they said it would be best if we left for a while, until mom could make progress with the divorce papers, and file a "maria da Penha" which is a law in Brazil that protects women from physical and psychological abuse. She ended up not going through with the latter (a terrible mistake if I may add) but she didn't want me to see my father arrested. Little did she knew that my father's image in my head was permanently stained with blood after this day.
So we ran away, we stayed in one of my mom's friend house for a couple days then went to my aunt's. All the while my father had no idea where we were and was desperately trying to find us. We stayed hidden for two weeks I think, until mom finally let him see me. I remember he was crying a lot and hugging me saying he missed me. So we went home finally, my dad seemed to had calmed down and accepted the divorce. So he left the house and me and my mom started living alone and happy that that nightmare was over.
Except it wasn't. It was only the beginning.
After all that shock, my father suddenly realized that I existed, and began to come home to see me and take me to some rides. I didn't really liked it, considering the fact that most of the time he was moping about the divorce and that he lost 'his house, that he built with his bare hands'. He would say to me that he wanted to kill himself and other shit that I can't / don't wanna remember. He would come to my front door constantly, begging my mom to take him back, he would say he would smash the car into our house if we didn't let him in, he would scream and swear in the driveway for the whole neighborhood to hear. My mom would call the cops and when they arrived we would suddenly be a whole other person, charismatic and nice. He was a sociopath. He would persecute my mom, tell her he would come by her school to kill her (she was depressed, unemployed and getting a degree in social services at that time. God knows where my mom got all the strength to bear with all of this at once.) I would constantly come with her to her school, because she was scared of him and we knew that he wouldn't do anything with me around. I remember one day where I was at a friend's house and he called me saying he was at my house and came to pick my computer that he was taking away from me. While all of this was happening, I didn't said a word to anyone in school, none of my friends knew what I was going through. I was really embarrassed and ashamed of all this shit. So on this day I lied to them that I needed to go out with mom and went home so that I could unplug my cpu for him. He ended up not even taking it, he just wanted to mess with my mom. Using me.
After some time he eventually calmed down, he started dating a woman and she took him to church (a church that demanded 10% of your monthly income for you to participate, LOL) where they would go every week and suddenly my father was a whole other person. I saw that as great news at the time, considering all the shit I've had to endure while he was crazy. Little did I knew that he would never change.
So I went on with my life, I was always very good at school, had top grades on most of the subjects, but I was lonely. Not really alone, I had friends. But I never opened up to them, I never learned how to trust a friend with my worries. So I started to watch anime, listen to my chemical romance (who got me through so much shit I can't even begin to thank them) and draw. I absolutely loved to draw and in school I was always drawing and never paying attention to the lectures, but I never had to considering my grades were one of the best.
So after middle school I got accepted In a state highschool that wasn't private, but it had a great schooling system and you had to do a test to see if you could get in or not. I passed in 1st place. I studied there in the mornings, and from the second year forth I also worked on a computer shop in the afternoons, and went to school again at night to a computer science course. I was really giving my best. I gave my blood and my sweat and I didn't even really enjoyed the course, but I went through it so that I could have something on my resume. After I finished highschool, I was certain I wanted to do something related to art. Here in brazil we don't have college, we just pick whatever course we want (or think we want) and apply for it, there's public ones that are free but really hard to get in. And there's paid ones that are easy as hell considering you pay for it. Also there's a social program that gives aid to students so that they can study at private universities for free but it's really hard to get one, you have to apply and go through a test, and then considering you were accepted they would check your background to see your finance status and determine if you are indeed unable to pay. I passed the latter. First place again. I started Design school and I was really really happy. I was making good friends, everyone there was very nice with me, it felt like heaven.
But then in my third year I started to fall off. I was working throughout the day 7am till 5pm, then at 5:30 I would take a bus that would take me to the university that was in another city. Then at 10pm my class was over and I would come back to my city, arriving at home like 12am, 12:30 sometimes. It was really really exhausting. And on top of that, I wasn't so sure I wanted to chase a career in design anymore. As I said before, I really love art. But design is very corporate focused. I was feeling cheap, you know. I didn't want to have a design degree so that I could end up having to make advertisements,(because that's mostly what designers end up doing done here) I wanted the freedom that art provides. I wanted my soul on my canvas, not on the money. So I started to feel depressed. I quit my job because it was too much for me, moved to the city my university were at, during this time, my father was paying for my apartment, he agreed to do so, so I was out there searching for jobs but never found anything. It's really hard to get a job when you're depressed. My only escape was watercolor. That was the only thing that gave me joy at that time.
So I finished my degree god knows how, and moved back to my city since I didn't had a job and my father wasn't able to provide for me anymore. I completely understood and came back home to search for jobs here. But after all I've been through I was broken. I was traumatized with design and didn't want to work on this field so I started to look for jobs on any place, just so I could have a paycheck. Bear in mind that I was still depressed and since psychological treatment is expensive, I couldnt really get one since I didnt have an income and my mother couldn't afford it. And my dad didnt care or didn't understand what I was going through.
So now we arrive at the present. My father is desperate for me to find a job. And so am I. But he don't understand anything about me. God, he don't even understand what kind of degree I have. He just wants me to make money. So two days ago he sends me an ad for a job opportunity in my field, saying that they needed someone with experience in the field (which I don't have). I thank him and say that I'll call but I know that it will not result in anything. I call and the guy doesn't answer. So I decided to call the next day. I wake up and immediately get a call from my father. Asking me if I had called about the job. I explain what happened and he flips out on me. Says that I don't show interest, that I'm afraid to work, and if I don't get a job, he would sell the house (which is 50/50 his and my mother's) and make us go live on the street.
Needless to say I was pretty sad. I never expected to hear that from him, you know. I thought his crazy days were over, but I was wrong. So I spent the day really sad and at night I couldn't take it anymore so I told my mother what happened and she was really pissed with him, and sent him messages to stop harassing me. He then proceed to tell her that the thinks he wasted money on me. That I'm ungrateful for all the money he spent while I was at uni. He seems to forget that I didn't had to pay for my uni, that I studied for free because I gave my best and earned it. He also seems to forget the two universities that he paid for my brother before me. That my brother didnt even finished any one of them. He doesn't seem to care about that. But when it comes to me, the son that did absolutely nothing wrong, that had all top grades and passed in everything, did nothing but give him pride, he thinks like that. I feel like I'm not his son, I'm just an investment. My brother ended up going on a course for massotherapy and now is very successful, so I guess thats all that matters to him. But when all that shit about the divorce was going on, my brother was in another city, studying. He didn't had to endure what I did. It was ME who had to endure it all by myself. He seems to forget all the shit he made me go through. All the pain and suffering I had to endure as a child. All the times I had to hear him say that he would kill my mom. He went to church and asked God for forgiveness, but he forgot to ask that from his own son. He made me afraid of men. He made me shut my feelings and till this day I have difficulties on opening up to people. I'm extremely afraid of confrontation. Men in general scare me, especially when they're drunk. Where did that all came from? Exactly. Him.
He also had the courage to tell my mom that she never did anything for me and my brother, that she never worked and she stole his house and turned me and my brother against him. My mother may not had helped me financially, but she made me food when I didn't have time to piss during uni. She supported me on my dreams, she was there for me emotionally every day of my life. She decided not to work so she could be home with us and he doesn't even recognize all she did for him while they were together, when she would give him lunch, dinner and washed clothes while he spent all his money on alcohol and other women. If it wasn't for my mother, I would've killed myself a long time ago. He is a monster. And I regret every minute I spent with him. I tried to look past those mistakes he made, thinking he turned a new leaf, but he is the same abusive asshole now as he was 15 years ago.
So now me and my mom are looking to sell this house so that we can finally go NC with him. I never want to see this asshole again and that's the feeling that will drive me until I'm free of him. I'm sorry for the long text, but I needed to get all of this off my chest. If you read all of this, thank you. It really means a lot.
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2020.09.26 19:19 LingLingSavesTheDay First ever relationship (at an early stage) and Im not sure how to react

(Sorry for the long post) Ever since I discovered the a-spec, I have been questioning if I could possibly be an aromantic. And recent events have lead to a lot of questions and confusions that I would like to resolve before hurting anyone.
Last November, I met a guy in class whos also introverted and interested in similar things. I felt that we were vibing well and so I gave him my number when he asked. We went out and met a few times and took long walks in the parks just to chat. All that time I treated those as casual friend hangouts and neither of us labeled that as a “date”. Until recently, he started to be showing affection towards me and I am a bit freaked out. When I was about to leave after the most recent hangout, we walked to the bus stop together and he suddenly asked if Id like to try hold hands. That was unexpected and I didnt know how to react at the moment. I jokingly asked “are u afraid of the dark” and he replied “that would be a gd excuse”. To avoid further awkwardness, I took his hands.
I am never a physical person and I dont even enjoy hugs from family and friends. The hands holding was awkward for me since physical touch isnt my thing. Am I supposed to interpret his initiative of holding hands as a sign of wanting to get romantically intimate? I don’t really understand the difference between romance and friendship and I am super confused. This is also my first ever (possible) relationship and I dont know if I enjoy romance in general. Moreover, studying in an all girls school for both primary and secondary had not make it better in any way. I dont really know how close me and a guy can get as a friend, before considering us as romantic partners. He is the first guy that I ever consider as close friend instead of just acquaintance.
Since Im still trying to figure out my identity, should I confess about how I really feel now before it escalates, or wait until he wants our relationship to be officially romantic? Am I selfish if I let things continue just to try things out and see how I really feel? I dont really know if the awkwardness in holding hands is due to being aromantic or just because I reject physical touch in general. I really cherish the bond that we have and I respect him very much. I dont want to cause him any pain.
Does anyone have similar experiences that can give me some advice? Thank you :)
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2020.09.26 19:05 AutoModerator Switch it up Saturday - Sep 26

Talk about all other off-topic games with dating or romance elements here. All games must have the option to select a female (including trans MtF) protagonist/MC. Being able to romance a character is a must.
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2020.09.26 18:50 Noa-AT Blue Skies- Sayori Route: Reviewing the Bun

Well, here we are, gamers. After playing through all of Yuri's route, and all of Natsuki's route, there was only one girl left: Sayori. Sayori was a route I was very excited for. She's a close second best girl to me, only slightly behind Yuri. There's also a lot of personality traits I can relate to some extent with Sayori. I don't have clinical depression, but I can understand her feel to want to make everyone smile and not worry about her. After multiple weeks, I can proudly say I have completed all 8 endings Blue Skies has to offer, and I'm now ready to review the final route. Strap in, gamers. Time to dive headfirst into Sayori's route. Obvious spoilers ahead.

TL;DR at the bottom*\*
As per usual, let's list out the structure this review will follow. Feel free to skip to certain parts you're curious on. (or read the whole thing, that's pretty epic too).
Alrighty, let's get to it.

The overall plot of Sayo's route follows your typical slice of life romance story, however throws in Sayori's depression into the mix. I really enjoyed the overall plotline. MC helping Sayori battle her depression, as well as learning how to help someone suffering from it. Their relationship slowly blossoms from childhood friends reconnecting, to something bigger. MC realizes he's catching feelings for Sayori, and they eventually become a couple. There was also a subplot thrown in in the the form of a bit of a love triangle between MC and Yuri. Yuri is very lonely and latches onto the MC as someone she can talk to, and Sayori gets a bit jealous as her depression tells her how much happier MC would be with Yuri instead. It was a similar basis to the role Sayori played in the other routes, except this time Yuri was in the place of the side girl. This sub plot created some interesting drama between the couple and was used to stir up external conflict. One thing that I applaud this route for doing is something neither the other two routes did. It fucking acknowledged Halloween. In both Yuri's and Natsuki's route I had an issue with Halloween just kinda being inserted into the story and then never being touched upon again. Sayori's route did not do that though. It mentioned Halloween, even if only with some throwaway lines, those said lines really ground the holiday into the story, as opposed to the other routes where it just kinda floated around as a scene in the narrative. The storyline of Sayori and MC was a memorable one overall. Next onto the characters. Now Monika and Natsuki don't do too much in the route. For what they were, their characters were kept in tact. Some of their issues were alluded towards, and Monika even had points where she broke slightly due to stress. These were good moments that really developed her character, even if it had little effect to the overall plot. Yuri is the side character with the most relevance. Swampert did a good job at portraying Yuri, and as a Yurian, I appreciated her presentation. The only odd thing is that she opens up to the MC rather quickly. She is forward in asking to walk home with him, in which he complies, and then she goes on about how she feels lonely. This could just be Yuri being introverted and opening up to the first person willing to listen, or a need to drive the plot, or both. Either way, I really liked Yuri's portrayal, and it makes sense for an introvert like Yuri to grow attached to someone who shows her genuine kindness. The dialogue between MC and her was well written, and her character acted pretty much how I'd expect her to act, which was nice. Lastly is Sayori. In all honesty, this was one of the best representations of Sayori I've seen in a mod. Her bubbly and cheery attitude was present, her childlike innocence was kind and funny, but most importantly, her depression felt real. I'm not a psychiatrist, but her depression was believable, and was a core part of her character rather than a plot device to cause conflict. In every scene I could feel its presence looming over like, as Sayori would describe it, a raincloud. It's obvious Swampert knows his stuff for the most part about mental illness and depression, and it shows with Sayori's character. I also enjoyed how MC's love isn't just the cure all to her depression, and that's a big topic the route emphasizes. It shows that depression is a long and drawn out battle of endurance. I also loved the small details of Sayori's character. Her being sneaky in having MC hold her hands to warm her up because she "forgot" her gloves was a very sweet moment. From the small points, to the larger traits, Sayori's character was well made.
The writing quality itself was very well done. I was very impressed with how the story was told. The pacing of the mod early on was fantastic. Unlike the other routes, Sayori's route was done completely by one person, which shows in how well it keeps its consistency. As I said, Halloween and Christmas felt like actual events in the story rather than just scenes inserted into it. Act 2 consisted of scenes leading up to each event. Act 3 is where the pacing began to plateau a bit. Where Act 2 was smooth and there was always an event being led up to (i.e Halloween, Christmas) Act 3 was missing that. Each scene just kinda rolled by, and I found Act 2 to be a lot more engaging and memorable than Act 3. Not that Act 3 was bad in any way, just it felt a bit uneventful at times. Overall, Act 2 had great pacing, Act 3 had good pacing as well, but not as engaging as the prior act. The scenes themselves though were a joy to read. There were bits where more sensory language could have been nice, as in describing certain sounds, smells, sights, to really draw in the reader, but those aren't always fully necessary, more so enhancers. Not having them doesn't take away from the story in any way. There were a good amount of memorable scenes. I absolutely loved the Christmas scene where she tricked MC into meeting her underneath the mistletoe. Another thing that was executed very well were the flashbacks. The flashbacks with MC and Sayori as children were very wholesome and made me laugh a few times. They captured the childhood innocence perfectly, and added to the dynamic of MC and Sayori. They even created a feeling of nostalgia, despite the memories MC was reliving not being my own. There's only two points I have for the flashbacks, and they're more nitpicks than anything. 1. It would've been nice for there to be more. I think the flashback scenes were some of the more interesting moments in the route, and having one or two more would've been great, but not overdone. Once MC and Sayori get together, the flashbacks practically stop, and it was kinda sad not seeing their childhood memories anymore. 2. The flashbacks oftentimes were put in odd places. One thing to make flashbacks seem more grounded and not just placed in is to have triggers. Triggers are physical objects, smells, noises, etc. that remind a character of a specific event that triggers the flashback, hence the name. These weren't super present when a flashback happened, instead it was just 'okay, MC is going to remember this time when he ate ice cream with Sayori'. It would've been neat if say, a classmate sprayed on Cinnamon scented perfume, and it triggered MC's flashback (basic example, but hopefully it gets the points across). Anyway, another point where the mod shines is in its dialogue. The banter between MC and Sayori was gold. They have those playful and teasing moments like childhood friends do, and they also have some intimate moments as a couple. MC's cheesy compliments he threw around were very cheesy, but they still made me smile. And the serious moments when MC demonstrated that he was trying his best was also authentic and heartfelt. The dialogue between characters is where Swampert's writing skills really shine, creating genuine and enjoyable interactions between characters.
Art & Music:
I've gone over the music in the previous reviews. To reiterate, I said I liked the soundtracks overall, but none stood out to me and they all kinda get muddled together. That was until I played Sayori's route. There was one track that hit me, out of the entirety of the three routes I played. The track named 'Out of Reach'. I liked this track for one main reason, and this plays into how small details make the biggest impact. This track has a rain sound effect overlay., and it plays only when a character (90% of the time is Sayori) is having a depressive episode. The reason why it's so genius is because Sayori often refers to her depressive thoughts as 'rainclouds' so having actual rainclouds playing over during a track that plays when she has depressive thoughts is such a great use of symbolism. (Btw, I really hope this was done intentionally otherwise this part of the review is gonna be big awkward, lol). Now onto the art. First and foremost, the sprites are epic as always, but the route had an issue with certain sprites. Most notably, during the evening. None of the sprites in the route were filtered to be shadowed during dark scenes, so we have a dark background, and a normal lit character sprite. It breaks from the immersion at times. (Also idk if this is fixed in the latest release so if it is ignore my spiel). As for the CGs, they were pretty good. The first one with Sayori being tickled was nice. It served the purpose it was meant to serve. The Christmas kiss was heartwarming. I'm mixed about having half the CG be the background that was used (I had this problem in Natsuki's bad ending as well), but it wasn't bad. The overall concept with the mistletoe in the corner and MC and Sayori sharing a kiss put a smile on my face nonetheless. Lastly is the h scene CG. It existed I suppose. It was well drawn for the most part, but, and this seemed to be a recurring issue in other CGs in the other routes as well, the perspective just seemed off. The perspective made it look like Sayori dislocated her shoulder to wrap around MC lmao. It really made the h scene kinda wonky imo. Other than the weird perspective though, it was nicely drawn.
So this will just be some random points I had that don't fit in a category, or I felt should just be quickly touched upon here. Firstly technical errors (again I'm not playing on the latest release cause I'm a clown, so if these were fixed my bad). There were points when the writing switched between American and British English which broke the immersion. There were the aforementioned character sprites not being properly lit. Music would not fade properly. A track would suddenly cut out and a new track would begin. This was especially jarring when the two tracks had very different tones to them. Anyway, those were really the errors that were noticeable. Moving on to other points, the side characters. Shiori was basically non existent in this route. Like, I don't remember a single scene with her where MC and her spoke. It's just kinda odd to have a side character that's mentioned but never used. Emi at times felt a bit like a plot device. I do appreciate how this route used Emi more than the other routes, really developing her characters. (Nice references to KS. Shoutout to my boy, Hisao). But at times she really did feel like a way to move the plot or have MC say his thoughts out loud. MomC was a good and effective side character. The fact that she said she also dated someone with depression struck me as a bit to convenient for the situation. The fact that she has experienced a similar situation to MC- not saying it isn't possible, but still very convenient. Also at times MomC just felt like a surrogate, as in the way she expressed her views about how society views mental health. While her points are valid, it felt more like the author's comment than her own. Other than that however, I really enjoyed the MomC character, and her dynamic with MC. And she plays a large role in the story, especially in an ending we'll cover later. One last thing is that this route had the least amount of player input out of the other routes. Unlike Yuri's which has 8 choices, and 6 are needed to get her good ending, or Natsuki, who has an entire damn flowchart for hers, Sayori's route only had 1-2 choices that mattered. I don't think this is a bad way to use choices, but it is odd that it's different than the other routes. In the end I think the way you use choices depends on the story. Some people prefer choice heavy narratives, while others prefer more kinetic experiences. Neither one is wrong, just felt I'd point it out since that's what this category is for.
Bad Ending:
Now onto the endings. Let's start with the bad one. This was the one I got on my 2nd run, as I got the good ending first. It's a bit harder to accidentally get than the other girls' bad endings since you have to make the wrong decision twice. I really enjoyed the writing of this ending, though. There's a few points I want to make. Let's begin at Valentine's Day, as that's pretty much where the bad ending starts. Sayori is not in the mood to go out, and MC kinda pushes her to open up, and it escalates into an argument. A lot of venom is spit out of each person's mouth, and it was an intense read. I loved it. It's always a joy to see high tension scenes of characters going at each other cause it shows the emotional weight each one is feeling, and also shows how none of the characters are perfect. They're human, and their emotions blind them. They say hurtful things. This eventually spirals down over the course of a few scenes and to the point where Sayori decides it's best for MC and her to break-up, which was a saddening moment. After playing the other bad endings, I already knew Sayori's fate for this ending. However, how it played out surprised me. Instead of MC committing "I gently open door" it was MomC. After MC and Sayori break-up, MC is sad, and MomC offers to go talk to Sayori to see if she can make amends. She then comes back distraught, and drops the bomb that Sayori hanged herself. I both liked, and didn't like this presentation. Here's why. On one hand, I like the subversion of expectations. We've all seen MC walk in on Sayori cosplaying a piñata countless of times. Having MomC be the one to do it was a nice turn of events. Did it make the overall reveal better, though? I honestly have mixed feelings on it. I wasn't hit super hard when I found out Sayori was dead. Now this could be that I'm an emotionless husk of a human being I already knew Sayori was going to die, or that the presentation didn't really do a good job at having an impact. Perhaps if there was a bit more suspense, or played around more with MomC's dialogue or MC's confusion as to why she was in his room, it could've sold it. I did however like his initial state of denial about Sayori as it was sad and realistic. Moving onto the falling action and resolution, it has one of the most memorable scenes to me in the whole route. The scene with MC looking at the picture Sayori gave him for Christmas. The smiling young duo showing off Sayori's new cow plushie- it was beautiful. One of the things I always like to tell people is that what's more sad than the actual tragic event (i.e Sayori dying) are the reactions of those affected by it. This ending nailed that perfectly. MC reflecting on his past with Sayori and wishing he could go back in time. Him lashing out at the other members of the Literature Club. It was a well done execution of showing the early stages of grievance. With all the those pieces together, it made for a hard-hitting conclusion.
Good Ending:
Alrighty, this was the ending I got first. Like the last one, there's some mixed opinions on it. Like previously, let's begin on Valentine's Day. Same scene plays, except this time MC is a lot more understanding. He doesn't pressure Sayori, and accepts that he just won't get a Valentine's date. It's the harsh reality of dating someone with depression in that it doesn't have a vacation for holidays or events. Yuri then asks MC to hang out, and he responds in that he's busy, lying since he doesn't want to hang out with Yuri because Sayori would get jealous (communication go brr). He goes for a walk and sees, guess who, Yuri. Cue very big awkward tension. A few more scenes go on, then we get to my biggest issue with the ending. The climax, or, lack thereof. The highest point of tension in this ending was when Sayori and MC confront Yuri about what's going on. Sayori comes out about her depression, and they clear up all misunderstandings. Everyone is on good terms again. While I liked this scene a lot, it didn't feel like a good climactic point. I honestly don't even know if it was intended to be one, in which case the ending has no climax at all. By and large, a climax is the point in the story where internal and external conflict reach their highest points, and this really didn't feel like that. The Yuri love triangle was a subplot, and a subplot should never overshadow the main plot, which it felt like it did here. I think the good ending would've been more effective if Valentine's played out similarly to how it did in the bad ending, Sayori and MC fighting, falling out, and then reconnecting. Main plot solved, then come back to the subplot and have them make amends with Yuri. I think having the couple have that high moment of tension in the good ending would make them getting back together and solving their problems much more rewarding. This is similar to Yuri's good ending which may be why they chose not to do it, but I digress. The rest of the ending played out very nicely. I really enjoyed the club picnic scene. It was a touching and lighthearted moment with all the characters bonding and growing closer to each other. It even gives a hope to the future as they all promise to continue growing the club next year. Now onto the last bit, the final day. I've read a fair amount of people that have mixed reactions towards this day, but I overall liked the final day. Sayori takes MC to a nice date to make up for Valentine's Day, coincidentally, the same place he was planning on taking her (thanks, Monika). Afterwards they share a kiss under the moonlight. Now, I only got this when I played the bad ending. In that ending, Sayori has a line where she wishes they could have kissed under the moonlight. That made thinking back about this moment so very sweet. Finally the two arrive home, and we get the h scene. I already commented on the art, but the writing of it was nice. Especially since the route teased it so much in other scenes. The build-up felt natural, and the act was pleasant. Then they climax, there's a bit of dialogue, and then route done. As mentioned prior, some people felt this ending was kinda rushed, but I personally didn't feel that. It reminded me of Emi's route in Katawa Shoujo which ends in similar fashion (I'm probably biased cause I mega simp for Emi and ain't afraid to admit to it). It definitely could have had a bit more, like maybe another scene in an epilogue style fashion, but I don't think the current ending was bad. If Swampert really wanted to he could've expanded it, but it wasn't necessary. I believe it ends on a very pleasant note, and gives a good outlook on the future of the two.
Conclusion and Overall Impression/TL;DR:
All in all, Sayori's route was very enjoyable to go through. I was completely hooked in during Act 2. In Act 3 the story got a bit slow, but it never lost me. The dialogue between characters is high quality, and the route is full of memorable scenes. I have a few mixed feelings about both endings, but neither ending was bad in any right. Sayori's representation was one of the best and most authentic representation I've seen in a DDLC mod. The relationship between her and MC felt natural, and had its share of highs and lows. Overall, Sayori's route in Blue Skies was a fantastic experience. It was an enjoyable read, and I believe there's a lot of life lessons that can be learned from it about how mental illness affects people, and how someone who doesn't suffer from it can help someone who does. It was no doubt a well made story, and is sure to please anyone looking for a good Sayori route. If you have any other opinions, things you agree or disagree with, things I might have missed, overlooked, or misinterpreted, feel fee to say it in the comments. I like to keep an open mind and see how others' views differ or coincide with my own.
With the review done, I just want to say some closing statements regarding the mod as a whole, and addressing the team. As I said at the beginning, I went through all 8 endings and saw basically everything this mod had to offer. I can say without a doubt I don't regret a single bit of it. I waited for Blue Skies since 2018! And after near 2 years I of course had sky-high expectations. I think it's safe to say that my expectations were definitely met, and in a few instances, surpassed. Blue Skies truly is a fantastic mod, all round. From the realistic takes on the routes, to the effort put into all the assets. It's obviously not perfect and has its flaws, but they don't bring down the experience as a whole. I believe the final product speaks for itself. The 28 months this project was in the works was not in vain. I've kinda separated myself from playing DDLC mods and have since moved on to original VN's, but I came back just to play Blue Skies. Adding to that, after playing a large handful of different visual novels, some by professional studios, I'd say my standards for a solid story are fairly critical. The fact that I've written now 3 in depth reviews hopefully says something. I think the team behind the mod are very talented, and hope at least some of my feedback will be helpful in the future. Regardless, I'll be keeping an eye out to see what any of the team members do in the future, be it together, or solo. So, of course, thank you to everyone who had a hand in the mod, and also thank you to anyone who actually spent the time to read my reviews, lmao. It means a lot, and I hope it does a good job at showing my appreciation towards this mod. With all that said, I think I can finally bring my Blue Skies review trilogy to a close. Until next time, gamers.

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2020.09.26 18:34 BruhImLovestruck Struggling with my sexuality... again

Hey guys, F18 here. Sorry if this isn’t the right place for this, I’ve never really perused this subreddit. This may be a bit of a longer post but please be patient with me, I really really need some advice.
Before I get into things, I’ll give you a bit of backstory for reference, maybe that’ll help understand things a bit more.
So when I was younger, I always liked guys. I had crushes on guys, I was attracted to guys, I fantasized about being in relationships with guys. All I liked were guys, and I would go boy-crazy very very often.
But when I got into grade 7, I got my first ever crush on a girl, and I totally freaked out. I forced myself to have a crush on this guy to forget my girl crush, and it worked... for a little bit. I honestly forgot about it for a decent amount of time. But I remember crying, and being terrified of liking girls, and wondering if that immediately meant I was a lesbian.
Then in grade 8, my friend came out to me as bi, and I was like “what’s that??” So she told me, and instantly something clicked in my brain. “Ohh... that makes sense for me”. And a few days later I was like “I think I’m bi” and she was like “aight cool”. She’s the only person who knew since she was the only other LGBTQ+ person at our school (that I knew of at the time).
So that was that. Then in grade 9 at the end of the year, our school took us to a pride event downtown, and I was having so much fun I decided to come out to the rest of my friends. Then the rest of them came out, funnily enough. One as lesbian, the other as asexual.
From that point on, I knew I was bi, and I didn’t get comfortable with being bi until last yeathis year, in grade 12, despite being in an online relationship with a girl for 2 years. Before I’d never even talk about sexuality in case someone somehow found out. But this past year or so, I just stopped caring and felt the happiest I’ve ever been. I didn’t care if people heard me calling women pretty, I talked about my support for the LGBTQ+ community, and no one ever said anything to me about it. It was great.
Now here’s where it gets tricky.
I don’t know if this is just a part of getting settled into my sexuality or what, even though I’ve pretty much known it for 5 years now, but I’ve been wondering, especially lately, if I’m actually a lesbian.
I’m not sure if this is a part of the bi experience or not, but I’ve been thinking about it lots, and the more I think about it, the more I’m thinking I could be a lesbian.
And no, this isn’t because of the whole stereotype where being bi is “just a pit stop on the way to being straight or gay” thing. I’ve genuinely wondered because I’ve had such extreme attraction to women lately, in all aspects.
To be clear, I’m not sure if I’m personally in denial or not.
I was attracted to guys my whole life before realizing I was bi, and I’ve had very genuine crushes on them. I’ve had crushes that lasted for 6 months, to 2 years at a time. Even this past year, I’ve had quite a few guy crushes. Thinking about them would make me feel all the crush feels.
But with women, I feel like my feelings are a lot different. I’ve had serious crushes on girls too obviously, or I wouldn’t be here. With women, it’s just so much easier for me to fantasize about kissing them, touching them, and all that other stuff (which I won’t vocalize about as to not make people uncomfortable), you get the idea.
But with guys I find it harder to fantasize about that intimate stuff. The romance part seems to be fine, like holding hands, generally dating, etc... Like I could imagine myself with a guy I guess, dating, being together. But it’s hard to think beyond that.
I’ve been thinking about women so much more, and I know being bi isn’t 50/50 attraction at all, but women have been at the forefront of my mind.
But then also, when I go out anywhere, the first thing I do is see if there’s any guys checking me out. But I’m starting to feel like maybe I only like the attention, and not actually the guys, which makes me feel terrible.
This is even worse because I currently have a boyfriend (who knows I’m bi), and I’m going on my first date with him today. We’ve been talking for a month and he said he’s fallen for me really hard, and that if things hadn’t worked out between us, that he’d probably have given up on looking for a girlfriend. Which puts even more pressure on me.
The thing is, I really liked him too, but as I’ve had this crisis, I’ve sorta been distancing myself a little and throwing myself into college work. And I already jumped the gun and told him I was serious, since he had a moment where he was like “can I just get confirmation that you’re really interested in me, and this isn’t just some big mind fuck?” And at first I was angry because I never showed any disloyalty to him, and I really liked/like him. But I sorta understood that since he’s serious about me, he wants to make sure I’m not just playing him. So I was honest and said the question upset me, only because I’m very serious about him.
But now this past week I’ve been thinking more about my attraction to girls, and I’m wondering if I should even be in a relationship when I’m feeling unsure about my sexuality once again.
Then again, this guy is a real catch. He’s romantic, he cares about me, I can 100% be myself around him and goof off with my weird sense of humour, and he laughs along with me. He likes every part of me and I appreciate that so much. I know there’s more good guys out there, but he’s the first one I’ve actually come across, so I feel like if I don’t keep him, I might never find something like that again. And I know that’s selfish of me, and fucking wrong, because now I’m questioning if I even like guys in general. I don’t want to lead him on any further if I don’t actually like guys, and he’s already this serious about me now, and I don’t want that to grow stronger if I stay in this relationship without even feeling like I know myself anymore. I mean he said he was excited to introduce me to all his friends and family and other people so I know he’s being legit here.
Again, this is probably just me being selfish, but I’m thinking that in general I don’t really have a lot of experience with girls either relationship-wise. I had that one online relationship with a girl for two years, but I’ve never actually dated a girl irl. Only one other guy besides the one I’m seeing now. So maybe I shouldn’t hop into a relationship before I figure myself out more?
I feel awful writing this right now, and I genuinely don’t know what to do to help my situation. I’m going on that date in 5 hours and I’m having a bit of a breakdown over what I should even do here.
I don’t know if I genuinely like guys, or just like the attention because it makes me feel validated after being hyper insecure throughout high school since everyone called me ugly. Now that I finally have that attention from guys, it makes me feel good, but I don’t know how deep it really goes these days. I feel like I think about women more than I think about my own boyfriend, and I feel like a piece of shit for that.
And I know I don’t need labels either, but this isn’t even about labels. It’s about a whole identity crisis and I don’t know how to even go about this. So I really need some outside help. Please help me, and again, I apologize for the long post.
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2020.09.26 18:28 OneSilverRaven Raven Reviews: IxSHE Tell Part 3, Graduating and Moving On.

I couldn't find a better spot in this review to mention this point so I'm just going to use it as my intro here. IxShe Tell really front loads its quality with the interactions between the various girls as they vie for P-kun's affections being the best part of the game. After this point in the narrative when each heroine starts her own route, as others have noted before me, their is a noticeable drop in engagement. I think the most telling statistic is that on the steam achievements for this game roughly 75% of people finish the prologue and at least 40% but more then likely close to half reach the point where the narrative branches but less then a third actually complete a run. Even if I give a generous margin for error and say that the numbers here are off by 15% that still means less then half of the people who read this novel finish it, and I can only assume the blame lies in its second half. I have much less to say about the romance routes then I did the common, so this portion of the review will include my thoughts on various other aspects. Then to conclude I'll make a few statements about the novel as a whole and why I think it needed such a long review.
While I would love to go through each of the girls in as much detail as I did in the common route their just isn't much of a point here. I could explain why but let me use an example to demonstrate what I mean so you can understand. Shiori, at least according to steam, was the most popular choice for a run so lets use her route as our template.
Shiori's run is an absolute tonal mess and summarizing it is never going to be able to do the chaos justice but I'll do what I can. She confesses to P-kun in the auditorium which is a REALLY good spot given the context of what Hajime does for the school and his speech in the prologue so major points there but her actual speech is kind of bland. It's not bad, It's not, It's just the second worse of the five. Anyway Hajime hugs her to his chest as he accepts her confession and she cries. This is the best CG in Shiori's whole run, and probably one of the best in the VN. The size difference between the two is noticeable but not overpowering and the fact the reader can't see her face as she smiles and tears up with just a glance at the side of her head to know it's happening is some great art design. All this did was raise my expectations even higher without letting me know this was literally the peek of Shiori's run and everything after this was going to be a slow decline.
The next day two things happen. First, Aoba guesses at a glance that P-kun and Shiori are dating, refuses to accept their relationship and forces the two to bribe her into silence and begrudging acceptance. The scene is kind of played for laughs but mostly it just fills time. Then afterword Shiori tells P-kun she's too embarrassed to let the school know they're dating yet. Which I guess is fair but it's not like the girls aren't going to figure it out so you've got like 3 days AT BEST before you don't really have a choice but whatever. At lunch Yui asks Shiori to be the model for a photo shoot, but that scene gives way to a much more important one where Hajime tries to kiss Shiori and she totally rejects him! She apologizes for it but girl you sat on his lap unsolicited at school two months ago that was WAY more embarrassing. She kisses Hajime on the cheek.
The next day at school in front of all her love rivals Shiori posses in traditional Japanese garb and admittedly looks pretty good and I'm impressed they made a whole sprite just for this scene but I'm not sure I'd go as far as calling her a "traditional Japanese beauty" like the novel does. Anyway all the girls totally know she won now so Kasumi teases Hajime RELENTLESSLY she is just BRUTAL. Shiori makes Hajime desert after dinner and this scene is 100% skippable it's just filler. I guess it leads into the next scene where she wakes P-kun up and has a cute moment where she bites him but yeah, you can skip in no problem.
So what follows is the second best part of the run where Shiori takes a picture of herself cuddled up next to Hajime while he's asleep and texts it to basically the whole school who think it's a post-sex selfie. (Is that a thing? Do people do that? Girl we just railed I'm exhausted can you NOT whip out your phone while I'm trying to fall asleep?) Yoshino's reaction specifically is priceless. Shiori has a breakdown at lunch were she screams about still being a virgin to stop all the teasing and totally kills the mood. Plus it doesn't even stop her classmates from chatting with her.
In a bizarre use of the cross view system I really think was a bad idea the next scene flips back and forth between Shiori and Hajime as they contemplate how to broach the topic of becoming physically intimate with the other and Shiori decides to play up her charms which P-kun notices but doesn't comment on because he want's to respect her boundaries and god it's all so forced and stiff. Like bad sitcom comedy. Their is this REALLY sweet moment where Yoshino helps straighten Shiori's cloths and gives her some advise but I'll have to touch on that later so just know this is where it happened and I'm going to move on. This whole thing comes to a head when the two sit down and talk like adults and agree that they both want to take things to the next level but Hajime has to take the lead because Shiori is too shy but she'll be really mad if he misses the opportunity and will do something naughty if that happens. The lights go out and she kisses him.
The two go on a date and I REALLY hate Shiori's outfit like wow it's the worst in the game. It's so frumpy and her necklace is terrible looking and the whole thing just looks like she's a fifties grandma 0/10. In the rudest move possible the couple goes to Ayaka's cafe to have dinner and rub her face in it I guess and Shiori gets jealous which I guess is a little cute. That night after the date Hajime lets his chance to ask for snatch slip through his fingers, broods about it, then Shiori shows up at his room and tells him he's a very naughty boy for breaking his promise and they have sex. I'm not going to go into detail abut the scene here, I'm saving that for it's own section close to the end of the review (Whenever that is right?) but this is probably one of the better ones in the entire novel, really good note to hit.
Oh god this just keeps going doesn't it? More honeymoon phase stuff you can skip. A scene with My best boy Yasu where he says not to tell him you're banging his sister, fair. Shiori asks Hajime to help her overcome her shyness and he makes her work at the on campus store. Shiori gets jealous of the other girls swooning over P-kun. Yoshino gets even more hilarious lines. The couple ALMOST has a sexy moment in the dorm before getting caught and separating. Theirs a party at the dorm where Hajime gets a handy in a closet... Then that night they have sex in the baths which if you know anything about Japanese baths is DISGUSTING.
While talking with the student council, all one of him, Hajime confesses he wants to spend his life with Shiori, she overhears and proposes to him in his room that night, they have MORE sex. Then we finally enter the home stretch when the couple is about to go on a date when they meet an old woman looking for the fountain her husband proposed to her at. It goes on way to long and results in them leading her to the mall where the fountain used to be. Then they ride a bus together where Hajime promises to propose to her one day but doesn't for 8 WHOLE YEARS! Wow bro, that is WAY too long, that poor girl has the patience of a SAINT I feel so bad for her.
Do you see what I mean about the play by plays being kind of pointless? How much of the above section could I have cut out and still made the summery comprehensive? And that's not to mention all the stuff I DID cut like the details of their dates, a whole subplot between Hajime and a random classmate. Detail upon detail upon detail of their every little conversation it all just dragged on forever. But that's not the problem, obviously it's not because I can't just complain about spending time with a heroine on her route that would be super hypocritical. The problem is that for 80% of the run the other girls just vanish from existence when their dynamic in the first half of the game was what made it so interesting in the first place. Now reading over my summery you may be tempted to think the fact I mentioned each girl a whopping once each that they feature this way in every run but you would be SORELY mistaken because outside of Yoshino who gets WAY too much screen time in other people's runs basically the rest of the cast disappears. Poor Kasumi has almost no scenes outside her run, Yui shows up maybe twice, four times at most for minute long scenes. Ayaka reverts to her OBNOXIOUS "Cute and perfect" stick and Shiori gets exactly two funny lines before ghosting.
Just to prove I can let me summarize the rest of the routes as quickly as possible.
Ayaka asks P-kun out in a third year classroom confessing that while she didn't have the best of intentions to start with she really did fall in love with him these past two months. They have sex WAY too early, like before their first real date even, while she's wearing her work cloths and in her parents house with the whole family there including Aoba. Her and P-kuns popularity make a big fuss at the school and she comes over to the dorm for more sex. Then during exam season she puts on weight, has a panic attack, Hajime pulls an AMAZING move by scaling her wall to come in through her window when she locks herself in her room and tells her to shut up she's pretty no matter how fat she is. They move in together.
Yui confesses on top of the clock tower, Hajime's favorite spot at the school, and has the best confession speech in the novel. She helps Hajime tell the other girls they're dating now and lets them down easy which is really sweet, then she invites Hajime over and they have a LOT of sex in her bed in her gorgeous mansion. Also she's a genius and her parents are cool with you shagging her. The epilogue shows her in the new school uniform and she accuses P-kun of not being able to control his sex drive.
Yoshino is shy. She won't admit they're dating until Hajime holds a SCHOOL WIDE BROADCAST to confess to her a second time. Literally the rest of her arc is learning to be open about her feelings and then she becomes a sex addict I'm not even joking she BEGS for it by the end it's kind of outputting
Kasumi has the best arc in the game and I'm not going to spoil it. Yeah I know I've given away 60% of the plot, I don't care, this story is heartbreaking. Not Katawa Shoujo levels, but maybe half that much. Theirs lies, personality changes, death, kink play, and a whole mess of other things. But for the record I could sum this one up in a paragraph too.
This more then anything is what kills the novel's momentum. I don't think any of the routes are particularly bad they just don't have the same punch.
So to be honest I could start my summery of the game right here and be almost done but having come this far their are a few more items I want to mention just to be 100% thorough. It won't take long, but let's talk about assets.
I'll start by focussing on the art for a moment. It's good, not great but good. The backgrounds are clearly drawn but have an AMAZING amount of detail. From individual leaves on trees to flowers in bushes, the blending of buildings on the distant island from the bridge and the jaw dropping palm tree street this novel has FANTASTIC BG art. My praise has to end their however because the rest of the art assets are passable and nothing more. The CG's, while competent, are inconsistent and sometimes change character's height and proportions. It's possible to ignore but Yui and Kasumi are definitely the girls that get the most baffling alterations as Yui, the youngest heroine, grows and shrinks in stature depending on how vulnerable she is supposed to look at the time and Kasumi, who is a little plumper then the other heroines (Not a bad thing, it's actually a relief to see a character in a VN with more then four toothpick limbs attached to a baby carrot.) is... well lets just say she has several instances of rapid onset diet that would make those "doctors hate her" banners jealous.
The sprites are really what gets me to lower my rating on the art overall however because they're a little underwhelming. Not to say they're UGLY, not by a long shot, they just lack variety. Heroines have three to four basic poses and a reverse pose. Two of those poses are just adjusting the position of their arms and the reverse pose isn't really common unless they're embarrassed or walking away so it FEELS like two poses even though their is some variety. Shiori has a front facing pose with her arms up, a front facing with her arms folded in front of her, and a side pose. Kasumi has a seductive/playful front pose, and a side pose with her arm between her massive chest being optional. Yui has a bent over side pose for acting childish and two front poses, arms up and hand on chin. Yoshino has a side pose, and two front poses, and they barely look any different, I guess she points at the reader in one of them. Ayaka blissfully has SOME variety as her side pose makes her massive red hair flow out like she just did a quick turn but both her front poses have her stick her hip so far out it looks like she's about to topple over and all you can gleam from her stance is that she's confident.
The heroines have seven outfits each. School uniform, casual, formal, pajama, swimsuit, a Halloween costume and Echii. Formal outfits are reserved for dates with P-kun so the reader won't see those till the end of the run. Pajamas are two scene outfits with brief exception. Swimsuit and Halloween costume outfits are one scene only except Kasumi who gets two swimsuit scenes and Echii sprites are for two scenes in the bath and nothing else. So 80% of the read time you'll only see two of the seven outfits. Admittedly this is a LOT of variety and a much better showing then in the pose department but its a shame the programmers decided to spend so much time with the characters in their school uniform. I'd estimate about half the novel the characters are trapped in this one outfit which does admittedly make when they are in something different feel more special but for all these options you'd think they could have given the reader a little more time with each.
But if i'm being honest poses and outfits are less important the the variety of facial expressions as that is the single most interactive portion for a reader. Human's are born with an affinity for faces, it's literally in our DNA to the point we can even sense faces from birth. But the novel comes up a little short here too. With a more "realistic" approach IxST keeps away from some of the more egregious exaggerations sometimes found in VNs like stress lines and hollow eyes but embraces these tropes on a case by case bases. Shiori has a closed tooth fang, Yui has a diamond mouth expression for confusion, several characters use a cheeky stuck out tongue and exaggerated mono color eyes to spice things up but the majority of the time the expressions are a little flat. Ayaka and Yoshino definitely have the widest and best range of the bunch in this regard with Kasumi being the worst off with only a playful stuck out tongue to expand her catalog of soft smiles and exactly one, UND PRECISELY ONE, frown. The blushes are pretty good though whoever did the blush effect *chefs kiss.*
Every non-heroine has exactly one pose, between one outfit (two characters including your homeroom teacher, most student sprites) and four (Yuuki Moka, Ayaka's little sister who has a uniform, casual cloths, Halloween costume, and a work uniform.) Most side characters have one or two however with more then that being the exception rather then the rule. Not great, but I am not about to skip over the fact that aside form several adult background characters and children that literally appear for one scene each every character has a sprite... Okay so what I mean is the random students around the school have faceless, interchangeable sprites all with the same pose where the artist only changes the hair but that is a step up from literally nothing so I'll take it! This game would feel a lot emptier without the huge amount of interaction between the main cast and these no name background students so I'm ecstatic they were included it really sets this novel apart from the pack.
Overall an above average but not exemplary showing from the art department. I wouldn't hang this grade on your fridge but you won't have to repeat the semester.
The music ranges from passable to just shy of great, usually landing somewhere in the middle of that. The intro music is a bit bombastic and goofy but it fits the tone well and the best track in the game Kimi no Ushiro Sugata is incredibly soothing. I hated the computer lag style intro to the track with a 12 syllable name I won't even try to type and most of the "down time" music was on the bad side of okay but I'll give this a passing grade too I guess.
Oh and don't think I'm going to skip over the terrible text box, I normally like totally non-existent text boxes but god this one gave me eye strain even AFTER I turned it off it was so bad, thank god for the patch.
In case the title of this part didn't clue you in somehow this section is going to focus on the H-patch content. I'm not so much of a pervert I'm willing to give anyone a play by play here so this isn't going to be TOO NSFW but if you're boss is walking by maybe close the window okay?
I'm just going to say it, this novel really didn't need the Echii, it just didn't do much for the narrative. Shiori and Yoshino can kind of justify their hentai but that's about it you could go without and be fine. That being said I'll go into a LITTLE bit of detail moving from worst offender to best use.
Kasumi is the instigator both in her relationship with Hajime and in their sex life. She totally dominates her three scenes. Like Shiori she also has a sex scene in the bath, again, gross, but she gets Hajime to do her at school ON HIS STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT DESK which admittedly is pretty kinky but totally unnecessary.
Yui is in a comparable boat where she KIIIIIIND of initiates it the first two times but the third scene is a really cute moment where Hajime is trying to distract her from a raging typhoon with with his body and if I'm being honest it's kind of really adorable. I don't know I liked the feeling of the scene sue me.
Ayaka doesn't have Echii scenes, she gets RAILED. like you absolutely destroy this poor girl in all there scenes. Have you ever had that popular girl in school who was so hot you just wanted to do all the kinky stuff with her? Yeah thats what these scenes feel like just don't get your hopes up it's mostly just doggy.
Shiori has the best first time scene of the bunch hands down. She comes to Hajime's room and they talk about it before hand and she lets him take the lead and explore before they get into anything. Then they have ANOTHER talk about it and some really good after care with a pretty good joke about PNC afterword. She also gets railed pretty hard in her second scene with the third being a kind of mix of her first two tone wise but that just fits her insane run all the more so really good integration with this.
I don't even know what to say about Yoshino's Echii stuff basically her whole run is just leading up to her becoming a sex addict which I will happily double down on saying. The girl does PDA at a Japanese school she's addicted. Also she's an exhibitionist in denial.
I'm torn on weather or not to recommend the patch because you really can do without but Yoshino's route specifically is kind of gutted without that payoff. I think I'm going to get off the fence on the side of go ahead and download it if you're interested but yeah I won't begrudge those who don't you didn't miss anything life changing.
You know that's a good question. When I started this project I wasn't planning on being so long winded but now that I'm here I'm not upset I put in all this work. IxSHE Tell may not be a GREAT visual novel but it definitely deserves a read and some attention. Even if you read this whole thing and the other 6+ reviews posted on this forum I still think it's worth a shot. Although maybe wait for a sale, 30 dollars is a bit much admittedly.
This is my first time being so in-debt with a review rather just a surface level critique with a concept essay attached, and I had a lot of fun making it. Actually, this little experiment may have inspired me to an even BIGGER project, but that's something for next week.
IxSHE Tell is a novel I hope more people read because I think it has a lot of good points to admire. I think their is a lot that could be improved, but if something here inspires a creative mind to use it's system or characters in a new way I'd be ecstatic. I hope this isn't the last we see the heart system or this structure of narrative, even if "Harem games" aren't everyone's cup of tea.
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